The best beauty presents

ritc8xLo June 30, 2018

I bet you guys that Christmas is coming this year faster than we think! So that you do not storm through the shops in panic on 24.12., I introduce you in the coming weeks special beauty gifts, which I am keen on myself.

I’ll continue with various beauty sets, which the Christ Child will be happy to give me as a present:

1 – Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks Creamy Shadow Set: Besides the By Terry Ombre Blackstars, the Caviar Sticks by Laura Mercier are my big favorites. The Mod to Modern Set contains exactly my 4 favourite nuances! I am … Read the rest

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New fitness trends: Xletix

ritc8xLo May 13, 2018

Crawl through the mud, overcome obstacles several metres high, jump through ice water and so on? When Quickcap recently asked me if I wanted to participate in the XLETIX Challenge, I thought: “But certainly not!”. Why would you do something like that voluntarily? Then I watched a few more videos, talked to friends who had done this before and let me be infected by their enthusiasm. Head to new shores and take on a challenge that is otherwise probably only available in the Army.

I was even allowed to choose a small team of six people (unfortunately one of the … Read the rest

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Help against scars

ritc8xLo April 4, 2018

“Even healed wounds leave scars.” However, these are often unattractive to look at and are anything but nice and desirable to the wearer. There is help to make the unloved scars almost invisible.

Reasons for having scar tissue treated are cosmetic aspects on the one hand and pain in the scar area on the other. As a result, fingers or feet are often no longer easy to move after scarring. In addition, there is often the psychological component that one no longer feels attractive due to the scar.

Scar tissue is also more sensitive to UV radiation. It also has … Read the rest

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Fitness after breast op

ritc8xLo February 27, 2018

As already mentioned in an older article, sports BHS are an essential companion when it comes to fitness and especially running. But if the chest is simply too big, then even the best sports bra can’t help. Many women who have problems with large breasts therefore decide to have their breasts reduced. Others who feel that their breasts are too small decide exactly the opposite: a breast augmentation should create a better quality of life.

But what does it look like after the operation? When can I exercise again after a breast surgery? What exactly must be considered?

The principle … Read the rest

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Contouring made easy

ritc8xLo December 15, 2017

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want the perfect face? Hardly anyone is free of small blemishes, which we would only too gladly hide. The fashion trend from Hollywood has now arrived. The simple but ingenious solution is called contouring. With the targeted use of make-up, really great effects can be achieved by emphasizing the different parts of the face differently.

Which features do I want to work out?

First of all, one should consider which parts of the face one particularly appreciates. These need to be emphasised. Others you might not think are quite as pretty and would rather put … Read the rest

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What to wear in winter

ritc8xLo November 1, 2017

The best thing about the cold season are always the fashion highlights, which also this season are black, grey and dull. Even in winter 2017/2018, nothing will be possible without dark tones, but this winter they will be combined with green, pink and lots of glitter. An exciting fashion winter awaits us all! But what can we expect in the coming months? This is summarised in the following text.

XXL coats back in fashion

This winter XXL coats are back in. Because this looks great and has its practical advantage. The thickest wool sweater fits under the coat in sub-zero … Read the rest

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