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Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want the perfect face? Hardly anyone is free of small blemishes, which we would only too gladly hide. The fashion trend from Hollywood has now arrived. The simple but ingenious solution is called contouring. With the targeted use of make-up, really great effects can be achieved by emphasizing the different parts of the face differently.

Which features do I want to work out?

First of all, one should consider which parts of the face one particularly appreciates. These need to be emphasised. Others you might not think are quite as pretty and would rather put them in the background. A different contouring is also appropriate depending on the shape of the face. For an elongated face, for example, the dominant chin and the forehead in the direction of the hairline should be kept rather dark; for angular faces, it is recommended to contour the temples and jaw bones somewhat darker.

What do you need for a successful contouring?

  • facial cream
  • Foundation/Concealer
  • Bronze or contour powder
  • highlighter
  • contour brush
  • glare paintbrush

Contouring step by step

At the beginning, the face should be washed and treated with a moisturizing cream so that the different shades of colour can blend nicely with each other later on. The perfect basis for good contouring is the basic make-up in the form of Foundation and Concealer, both ideally applied with a brush from the centre of the face outwards. This prevents the formation of unattractive streaks and stains.

With the fan-shaped contour brush, the bronze or the contour powder is applied to the areas that one prefers to conceal. If you want your face to appear more defined, you can emphasize your cheekbones, also with a darker nuance. However, one should not choose the colour tone too dark, as otherwise it quickly looks like a mask.

Small strokes with the highlighter are placed at the points that you want to emphasize. For example, the eyebrows can be raised slightly by applying highlighters slightly below the eyebrow.

The subsequent veneering is very important, as otherwise the face appears angular and not harmonious. It is best to use a blinding brush, with which the individual contours are carefully connected and the transitions are thus softened.

And the perfect contouring is ready. If you like, you can now apply some blush in a subtle shade. With a little practice, everyone can make their face shine like the stars and starlets of Hollywood in a whole new light.

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