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As already mentioned in an older article, sports BHS are an essential companion when it comes to fitness and especially running. But if the chest is simply too big, then even the best sports bra can’t help. Many women who have problems with large breasts therefore decide to have their breasts reduced. Others who feel that their breasts are too small decide exactly the opposite: a breast augmentation should create a better quality of life.

But what does it look like after the operation? When can I exercise again after a breast surgery? What exactly must be considered?

The principle here is always: before you start exercising again, the scars should have healed completely. Everything else depends in particular on the type of operation, because here a distinction must be made between breast augmentation with silicone implants, breast augmentation with autologous fat or breast reduction.

Sports activity after breast augmentation with implants

After such an operation, doctors recommend taking a sports break of at least six weeks. The reason for this are these dangers: if sport is done without the implants having grown properly into the breast, the result can be a displacement of the implants and this in turn leads to a deformation of the entire breast. Another risk is the risk of inflammation. It is therefore also important to wear the support bra in order to provide the newly acquired breast with sufficient support and protection.

In general, even without exercise, care must be taken to ensure that heavy sweating, friction or lots of exercise tend to slow down the healing process. If you don’t want to stay motionless at the beginning, then walking is the alternative. In any case, it is better to wait a little longer than to start too early and to seek the advice of the treating surgeon before starting the sports activities!

Sports after breast augmentation with own fat

Breast augmentation with autologous fat allows sport to be resumed earlier than breast augmentation with implants. Unlike the use of silicone implants, this method is scar-free. As a rule, therefore, sport is possible again after only a few weeks.

Training after breast reduction

A support bandage is also applied around the breasts after the breast reduction. A grace period of four weeks is normally recommended. During this time the chest musculature in particular should not be strained strongly. Smaller sports exercises or light jogging should, however, be possible again after only two weeks.

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