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“Even healed wounds leave scars.” However, these are often unattractive to look at and are anything but nice and desirable to the wearer. There is help to make the unloved scars almost invisible.

Reasons for having scar tissue treated are cosmetic aspects on the one hand and pain in the scar area on the other. As a result, fingers or feet are often no longer easy to move after scarring. In addition, there is often the psychological component that one no longer feels attractive due to the scar.

Scar tissue is also more sensitive to UV radiation. It also has no sebaceous glands to regulate the body temperature. Wild meat is often spoken of.

Scar correction is available for all these problems. Thanks to medical technology, unsightly scars can be treated with laser therapy. This is not only gentle on tissue but can also wear out exact interventions with millimetre precision under computer control. Especially suitable for scars with red tissue, which fades and becomes more natural as a result of the treatment.

An erbium laser gently grinds superfluous scar tissue, which grows above the actual skin, to the original level. This laser is also only used for general skin smoothing.

Those who have so-called sunken scars receive suitable support with the help of hyaluronic acid, which is injected into the scar tissue and thus fills up the scar. A Smoothbeam laser smoothes defective tissue in acne scars, which leave their unattractive marks, especially in adolescence.

Each type of scar can be given a better and healthier appearance. So there is hope.

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