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Crawl through the mud, overcome obstacles several metres high, jump through ice water and so on? When Quickcap recently asked me if I wanted to participate in the XLETIX Challenge, I thought: “But certainly not!”. Why would you do something like that voluntarily? Then I watched a few more videos, talked to friends who had done this before and let me be infected by their enthusiasm. Head to new shores and take on a challenge that is otherwise probably only available in the Army.

I was even allowed to choose a small team of six people (unfortunately one of the readers was injured and only five of us ran), who started together with me. First of all, of course, the question was, HOW do you prepare for such a run? My current sports routine, which consists of yoga and running, would be a bit too relaxed here. But hey, there were other times and so I created a new one out of my old training plans (you can download it here), which specifically focuses on muscle power and should make us fit for the run. In addition, we girls each received a monthly ration of Quickcap Sports, which perfectly supported our preparation phase: Quickcap Sports (there are also “Brain”, “Beauty” and “Sun”) is thanks to nutrients such as electrolytes (the Big 5 for the muscles), GuaranĂ¡ (thanks to the natural caffeine it contributes to a higher reaction and coordination ability) as well as L-carnitine and the coenzyme Q10 (Hi energy metabolism!) perfect for the athletes among us, because there is energy, you stay focused and it contributes to a quick recovery. The bottles are perfect for everyday use and the powder capsules can be thrown into any handbag. Besides the feeling of fitter and faster rainfall, the orange grapefruit taste has also helped me to finally drink a little more!

Our team was scheduled for 1 pm, but of course we met a little earlier to pick up the starting documents, hand in our stuff, chat and enjoy another dose of Quickcap Sports. As one of the main sponsors, they have a stand at every XLETIX race where you can try yourself out or just relax. Oh, and of course we “had to” take one or two more pictures. Fortunately we had a mega photographer with us on site, who partly accompanied us and so I can give you a little insight into our run. I have to admit, I am still absolutely flashed from the run: Even if one can think at first that it is perhaps a bit silly to face artificial obstacles, it was an absolutely positive experience and someone would ask me now again whether I would like to take part in an obstacle course – I would say immediately yes. You grow together in your team within a very short time, it is a lot of fun, you challenge yourself and no matter if you create an obstacle or not, you are still proud to have tried. Build teams, strengthen friendships, meet new people or just have a great time: Everything works 100% at such events!

Checklist for an obstacle course:

  • Long pants to avoid injuries
  • Synthetic, tight clothing (cotton absorbs mud and water)
  • Trailrunning shoes or shoes with as little material as possible that gets soggy
  • Coin money for e.g. an ice cream in between (if you are not running on time)
  • Gloves without cushioning, preferably pure rubber
  • Changing clothes and towel for after the run
  • Snacks and drinks for after the run

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